Chawton Global Investors is an independent boutique investment manager.

We worked with the client to develop the brand identity, website and art-directed photography along with digital assets and presentation materials.

It’s fascinating where one seemingly unrelated industry can find inspiration, for example… Ted Williams was arguably the greatest pure baseball hitter who ever lived and the last one to break the magic 0.400 average barrier (which means he hit 40% of the balls pitched at him – baseball is not easy). One of the drivers of his success was that he analysed in great depth what makes a great hitter and importantly knew his own strengths and weaknesses.  He developed a number of tenets which are equally applicable to long term investing as they are to baseball.

In the game, the pitcher has to throw to pass through an imaginary rectangle beside the hitter. The hitter has three attempts or ‘strikes’ to hit the ball if it is passing through the square.  William plotted out on this square where he could easily hit the pitch and where he found it more difficult.  He would only attempt to hit the easy pitches…   Find out how this relates to investment on the CGI website!

  • Wayne has taken the time to really understand the Norland brand and this has been reflected in the creative approach to our projects.

    Norland College

  • Thank you for so expertly guiding us through the process and explaining each step along the way.

    University of Cambridge

  • You have exceeded our expectations... you instantly connected with our brand, even more importantly you have helped us move it a long way forward.


  • I’ve facilitated and been involved in a lot of these type of sessions and without doubt yours was one of the most creative I have seen and been involved in. Thank you for a great couple of days.

    Lee Mears

  • A huge thanks for driving us so far on this fantastic, amazing, wonderful journey.