Wayne Lindsay

Imagining Director

“Innovation is vital to brand storytelling. The art is in finding the most effective way to engage, creating a positive response, often a positive change. From the moment we are born we collect stories, they stir our imagination and tap into our emotions. The innovation is in telling the stories differently.”

Wayne lives in Bath with his wife and their two young boys. He continues to develop his creative process and playful approach to work using the philosophy of contemporary clowning and encourages clients to engage with two inspiring new processes:

Imaginnovation®: Generate & encourage good ideas; Explore & develop new opportunities; Create & activate change, for good.

Spacing: A unique, fresh & simple approach to create space in your life and enhance wellbeing.

Wayne is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and holds a consultancy role at strategic marketing agency OxfordSM working with global brands on behaviour change and innovation. He is also on the core team for Forest of Imagination, a creative ecosystem for art and participation to protect childhood, inspire intuitive play, unleash imagination, encourage exploration and heighten engagement within our environment, natural & urban.

Gary Young

Director of Photography

My photography is simple and elegant. I like to recreate reality, but capture that realism poetically. Whether working in the discipline of documentary, advertising, or narrative based mediums, the worlds that I create are authentic and honest. Things seem familiar and cinematic all at once and it is this balance that I feel makes my work stand out from other cinematographers.

Here are some commercials to whet your creative appetite:

F-TYPE from gary young on Vimeo.

SWA HomeEarly 60 DC from gary young on Vimeo.

Honda utility from gary young on Vimeo.

Mariajosé Gajate Molina

Illustrator & Graphic Designer

Born in Madrid, I studied Illustration at the school of art, Arte 10. I’ve been a freelance illustrator since then, completing projects for a wide range of clients with some personal projects along the way. Learning never stops and so in recent years I moved to Bath where I studied Graphic Communication at Bath Spa University. Now I find myself living between Madrid, the UK and travelling around the world!

My style is traditional, colourful, fun and naive. I would rather be experimenting with my old watercolour box and getting my hands dirty than using my computer. By exploring new ways of working, learning from a diverse range of people and discovering new places my imagination is fuelled. Every project is different and teaches me new things. I will never lose the excitement of a new commission!

PS – Call me Mariajo

PPS – Try: Ma-rree-ah-ho

Kat Byles

PR and Creativity Consultant

Kat is a PR and Creativity Consultant working with individuals and businesses making a difference in the world. Focused on pioneering heart in business she has designed ‘The Imagination Game’‘PR with Heart’ and ‘Creative Heart Business’ referred to below.

She has worked with Nike, UEFA, Vodafone Foundation, Good Energy, Cafédirect, Eric Cantona, Colin Farrell, Desmond Tutu and Lewis Hamilton.

Kat has 20 years international PR experience including founding Authentic PR, pioneering business with purpose into the mainstream; and 6 years as Global Communications Director, Homeless World Cup pioneering sport for social change. Here she was pivotal in growing the organisation to from 20 to 70 nations benefiting over 250,000 homeless people in just 5 years.

The Imagination Game: This is an invitation to step in to the creative power of your imagination. What previously seemed impossible becomes inevitable.

PR with Heart: To raise visibility, influence and impact of heart-centred leaders.

Creative Heart Business: To connect business leaders to the heart of their business for results they believed impossible alongside deep fulfilment.