Wayne Lindsay

“Innovation is vital to brand storytelling. The art is in finding the most effective way to engage, creating a positive response, often a positive change. From the moment we are born we collect stories, they stir our imagination and tap into our emotions. The innovation is in telling the stories differently.”

Wayne lives in Bath with his wife and their two young boys. He continues to develop his creative process and playful approach to work using the philosophy of contemporary clowning and encourages clients to engage with two inspiring new processes:

Imaginnovation®: Generate & encourage good ideas; Explore & develop new opportunities; Create & activate change, for good.

Spacing: A unique, fresh & simple approach to create space in your life and enhance wellbeing.

Wayne is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and holds a consultancy role at strategic marketing agency OxfordSM working with global brands on behaviour change and innovation. He is also on the core team for Forest of Imagination, a creative ecosystem for art and participation to protect childhood, inspire intuitive play, unleash imagination, encourage exploration and heighten engagement within our environment, natural & urban.