Cloud Heroes are part of the JPC InfoNet Ltd group and have gained a great reputation for delivering big-brand level service and support on a local level.

Specialising in “Cloud” services and initially referred to as ‘My Personal Cloud 365’, we questioned the client’s attachment to the business name and asked if we could explore alternatives. Following a level of research and using our point-scoring system to check the perception of, and value in, a variety of alternative names, we proposed Cloud Heroes with an associated strapline “What will you save?” The client fell in love with the concept and launched the heroic new brand during a memorable breakfast meeting of business partners and friends. The “grand unveiling” involved customers of Cloud Heroes (CH) standing up and revealing their branded CH t-shirts. (Some were tighter than others).

The new brand imbued the client and their staff with a new sense of pride and enthusiasm for the business. This level of engagement was great to see, and the client also acted on our recommendation to protect the newly created IP including trademarking the Cloud Heroes name and logo.

Cloud Heroes’ online presence has unfortunately been affected by a lack of sustained brand management, and is a good example of how even exciting brands can, if not looked after, become a little bland.

  • Wayne has taken the time to really understand the Norland brand and this has been reflected in their creative approach to our projects.

    Abby Searle, Marketing Coordinator, Norland College

  • You have exceeded my expectations, somehow you instantly connected with our brand, even more importantly you have helped us move it a long way forward.

    Dan Crosby, Senior VP Sales and Marketing, Optitune

  • A huge thanks for driving us so far on this fantastic, amazing, wonderful journey.

    Peter Wordley, CEO, CloudHeroes

  • Well done – I LOVE it! I think you've done an excellent job with this and I think it really reflects the brief I gave you and the business I'm trying to develop.

    Danny Morris, Headlamp Associates

  • Totally unflappable, always highly professional and always, always prepared to go the extra inch/mile to achieve the desired outcome.

    Caroline Kay-Mouat, Director, Alderney Performing Arts Festival