We were asked to help create the brand and advise on functionality of this new dating app, which seeks to revolutionise the dating scene. As part of the overall project we created a memorable “eye” logo that includes three main references: an eye, a heart and a radar signal.

Everyday millions of people pass each other by and the chance of romance — even love. The new app eye2eye was conceived so that need never happen to you again.

Make mutual eye contact with someone you like, who likes you too and simply press the app’s eye2eye button and the time and location is logged immediately, allowing you to find and make contact with that person later. Unlike most dating sites & apps, eye2eye‘s uniqueness is based upon already having seen each other in person and ‘sharing a moment’. No more fake profiles or misleading photographs; no more trawling through endless profiles only to find another mismatch; no more time wasting and no more disappointment; no more wasted money.

By making eye2eye contact you can turn moments into dates. eye2eye is simple to use and free to download.


  • Wayne has taken the time to really understand the Norland brand and this has been reflected in the creative approach to our projects.

    Norland College

  • Thank you for so expertly guiding us through the process and explaining each step along the way.

    University of Cambridge

  • You have exceeded our expectations... you instantly connected with our brand, even more importantly you have helped us move it a long way forward.


  • Well done – I LOVE it! I think you've done an excellent job with this and I think it really reflects the brief I gave you and the business I'm trying to develop.

    Headlamp Associates

  • A huge thanks for driving us so far on this fantastic, amazing, wonderful journey.