We were asked by Connie at The Bath Dog Company (TBDC) to help create an established, friendly looking brand identity that referenced both Dog Training and the business catchment area of Bath. We began by highlighting the differentiators with this business in contrast to others (revealed future growth opportunities) as well as clarifying fundamental brand values.

Based on the principle that ‘dogs cannot learn without being taught’ TBDC take a holistic approach to dog training: behaviours and training problems are assessed by taking into consideration factors such as environmental and emotional influences, breed specific characteristics and lack of needed motivation. Using phrases such as “training by example” and “walk the walk” the client is well equipped to demonstrate that successful dog trainers focus not simply on the beloved pets, but also the owners themselves to ensure sustained training results.

We are due to start work with the client very soon on a range of luxury TBDC branded products and doggie treats.

  • Wayne has taken the time to really understand the Norland brand and this has been reflected in the creative approach to our projects.

    Norland College

  • Thank you for so expertly guiding us through the process and explaining each step along the way.

    University of Cambridge

  • You have exceeded our expectations... you instantly connected with our brand, even more importantly you have helped us move it a long way forward.


  • Well done – I LOVE it! I think you've done an excellent job with this and I think it really reflects the brief I gave you and the business I'm trying to develop.

    Headlamp Associates

  • A huge thanks for driving us so far on this fantastic, amazing, wonderful journey.