One of the ongoing challenges for many workers is that of setting priorities. Question is, do we get them right? Projects, and indeed employers, come and go… In the meantime the ‘constants’ in our life may slip in terms of the priority list. Ask yourself: “Have any of my valued relationships suffered because of my work?” Perhaps your current project/job/work has […]

Sapphires Nursery School – preview

Here is a sneak peek of our lovely client’s new website… We’ve worked alongside the fantastic Alice Peto who has produced some beautiful illustrations for inclusion in the website. More previews to follow!  

Forest of Imagination – starting a fire…

My thoughts on the recent Forest of Imagination event in Queen Square Bath, which drew nearly 7,000 visitors: I feel that Forest of Imagination holds an opportunity for deep community engagement, not just during the event but in the planning, design and lead up to it.  The way that staff from Herman Miller, Grant Associates, […]

Forest of Imagination

Do you believe that creativity enhances wellbeing and transforms lives? Please support this amazing event happening in Bath next month by visiting our Kickstarter campaign.

“Imagine 7 different people at different sides & points on a mountain - all aiming for the summit. Progress brings them closer to their goal and closer to each other.”

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A window cleaner’s windows…

Apparently, they say, a window cleaner’s windows are never clean! Well, it feels like that here… We’ve been so busy making sure our clients’ work is done that we’ve neglected our own “window to the world.” Well finally, here is our updated and refreshed website. We hope you like it. There’s still bundles to upload […]

Lion art

You may well have passed our office and seen the very sharp looking Dave, a striking life-size sculpture adorned with unsharpened surgical blades to decorate his mane.